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's mistress Gina Coladangelo is stepping down from her £15,000 role at the Department of Health after footage of the pair's affair was brought to light. 
Married mother-of-three Coladangelo, 43, was caught locking lips with former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, 42, Paintings smoothly in leaked CCTV footage from May 6. 
Hancock had hired her as a health aide in September as a non-executive director at the Department of Health but the pair have both left in disgrace after they were seen fondling each other and breaking social-distancing rules they enforced on the British public.
Coladangelo's resignation comes just hours after Hancock announced he was stepping down from his role as Health Secretary after pressure mounted from the public and other MPs for breaking social-distancing rules that he helped to create. 
The pair's kissing session was caught on CCTV a year to the day after Hancock went on TV to denounce an epidemiologist for having an affair and Office opening gifts breaking lockdown rules. 
An ally who was set to defend Matt Hancock on the radio failed to turn up and was 'not answering his phone' in fresh embarrassment for the beleaguered Health Secretary.

Pictured: This is the image that has left Matt Hancock fighting for his job that appears Opening what to give show him kissing his millionaire aide - who is on the public payroll - in the corridor outside his Office opening gifts in May this year
Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist who helped to shape the government's response to coronavirus and instigate a lockdown, was caught last year having an affair and breaking social-distancing rules he had helped to create - in a similar manner to Hancock. 
And Hancock told Sky News: 'I back the police here.

They will take their decisions independently from ministers, that's quite right, it's always been like that.
'So I give them their space to make that decision, but I think he took the right decision to resign.'
Hancock and Coladangelo became friends at Oxford and have been close ever since. 
'They are in love,' a close friend of Mr Hancock said last night, adding: 'It is serious.' But the friend's insistence that the affair 'all began in May' might not be so readily believed.  
It has come to light that the former Health Secretary told his wife, Martha, he would be leaving her on Thursday night - immediately after discovering that his affair with Gina Coladangelo was about to be laid bare. 
Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo (pictured) both worked at student radio station Oxygen FM
According to the Sunday Times Martha was completely unaware of the affair until the footage was brought to light.  
And he reportedly even woke up the couple's youngest child, aged eight, to break the news he was leaving. 
Coladangelo was also spotted packing her bags and leaving the £4million townhouse in Wandsworth, South West London, that she shared with her husband of 12 years - Oliver Bonas tycoon Oliver Tress, 54.